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Third Installment Due:

Masjid Payment Progress Total (Goal: $1,125,000)

Help Your Masjid

Alhumduillah we have managed to purchase this location for the amount of ($1,125,000) CAD, of this amount ($725,000.00) CAD has been paid so far.

We have an upcoming instalment of ($400,000.00) CAD that has to be paid by December 2024.

We need your help to take part in this Sadaqa Jariya, and help us pay this instalment in time insha-ALLAH ! Jazakhum Allahu Khairan ! 

Announcements & Events

Youth Iftar Potluck

Join us for the HBIC Sisters Summit!
Starting this Ramadan, on March 10, 2024 @ 2:00PM.

🔍Focusing this week on building a Muslimah community and Ramadan Reminders as students.

🗓️Let us know if you’re coming here:

🍬Snacks and Refreshments provided!

🎀Looking forward to meeting the Young Sisters of this Ummah!

Fundraising Iftar 2024

The Hazrat Bilal Islamic Center’s 2024 fundraising iftar was a resounding success, captured in a heartwarming video. The community united, both in person and virtually, to support noble causes. From vibrant decorations to shared laughter, the event epitomized the spirit of Ramadan, showcasing the power of unity and generosity.

Imams Giving Us Their Thoughts

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Hazrat Bilal Islamic Centre (HBIC)® is a Registered Charitable and non profit organization (#806888830 RR 0001) based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

Hazrat Bilal Islamic Centre does not represent any political organization, does not belong to any Da’wa group or sect, and does not follow blindly any Madthhab, but rather follows with knowledge the clear guidance of the Qur’aan and Sunnah and follow the understanding of the Companions of the Prophet and their followers. 

HBIC was previously located on #8-4821 Westwinds Drive NE Calgary AB, from January 2016 until December 2020. 

We have now purchased our permanent location at  #216 20 Saddlestone Drive NE, Calgary, AB, T3J 0B4.

This Organization is named after the beloved companion and first Mu’azzin of prophet Muhammad(pbuh), Bilal ibn Rabah(ra).

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